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Evil Eye 🧿 Keychains

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Keychains for protection Against The Evil Eye 


Hamsa (Hand Of Fatima ) Charms

Owl Charm 

Elephant Charm 

Evil Eye Protection- 

Also can be used as an hanging ornament. 

So what is the evil eye? So The evil eye is a malicious glare given to someone out of spite, malice or envy, which brings misfortune, suffering or just general bad luck to the recipient of the look. The belief is that the malevolent look holds such power that it is able to bring harm to the person that it's aimed at. 


 Blue: 💙 • 🧿 The color of evil eye protection. The traditional color for good karma, positive energies, and protection against the evil eye. The beads reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker and protect against the evil eye and all negative energies.